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Treatment and Therapy of Parkinson's Disease

Governance of Parkinson's disease
Parkinson's disease is a chronic disease that requires treatment in a holistic manner covering various fields. At this time there is no treatment to cure this disease, but treatment and surgery can overcome the symptoms that arise. Individualized treatment of Parkinson's disease and symptomatic, medication is usually given for the treatment of disease or to replace or mimic dopamine which will improve tremor, rigidity, and slowness.

Clinical Symptoms of Parkinson

Clinical symptoms
Although symptoms are presented below not only belong to people with Parkinson's disease, Parkinson's sufferers usually experience it.

Pathophysiology of Parkinson's Disease

Two hypotheses are referred to as the mechanisms of neuronal degeneration in Parkinson's disease are: the free radical hypothesis and the hypothesis neurotoxins.
1. Free radical hypothesis. Alleged that the enzymatic oxidation of dopamine can damage neurons nigrotriatal, because this process produces hidrogren peroxide and other oxygen radicals. Although there is a protective mechanism to prevent damage from oxidative stress, but at the advanced age of this mechanism may fail.
2. Allegedly neurotoxin hypothesis of one or more kinds of neurotoxic substances play a role in the process of neurodegeneration in Parkinson's disease.

Causes of Parkinson's disease

Everybody know who Cassius Clay aka Mohammed Ali is. Yes he was heavyweight boxer champion. In his older age, he get Parkinson's disease. what is parkinson's disease and what are causes of this disease? Modern Shaman from Medical and Health Information will explain.


Endometriosis is a condition in which endometrial tissue that is still functioning, are outside the uterine cavity. This tissue is composed of glands and stroma, myometrium contained in or outside the uterus.  When endometrial tissue present in the myometrium is called adenomyosis, and when outside of the uterus is called endometriosis. 

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) Evaluation and Management

What should we do if we have patient with Chronic Kidney Disease? Today, Mbah Dukun Bagong, modern shaman from medical and health information explains how to treat and give therapy for patient with chronic Kidney Disease (CKD). If someone has been established, there is an increased risk for Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), but not yet exposed to CKD, it needs to be evaluated as below:

How to know and diagnose CHRONIC KIDNEY DISEASE

CKD patients with blood urea of less than 150 mg%, usually without any complaints or symptoms and are often found by chance on routine examination. Clinical picture more evident when the blood urea more than 200 mg%. At the initial level of CKD with a GFR less than 25% of normal, clinical picture is very minimal, only albuminuria, hyperuricaemia, and hypertension.


Pathophysiology of CKD at first depending on the underlying disease, but in the later development process that occurs more or less the same, a chronic progressive in the long run will cause a decrease in renal mass. In line with the decrease of renal mass, as a compensation mechanism that is still better then the nephron hyperfiltration therefore will experience an increase in glomerular capillary pressure and flow, and subsequent hypertrophy. Structural and functional hypertrophy of residual nephrons is still good is happening due to the influence of vasoactive molecules, cytokines and growth factor, and eventually will happen sclerosis process. Renin-action activities intravenous Angiostensin also played a role in the occurrence of hiperfilltrasi-hypertrophy and sclerosis.


Chronic kidney disease is kidney damage or a decrease in renal physiology, more or equal to three months prior to diagnosis. As per the recommendations of the NKF-DOQI (The National Kidney Foundation Disease Outcomes Quality Initiative) (2002):

How to Diagnose and Treatment Encephalopathy Hepaticum

Diagnosis is made on the basis of anamnesis history physical examination and laboratory disease.
1. history
History of liver disease
History of the possibility of trigger factors.
Is there a neuropsychiatric disorder: changes in Hepatic Encelopathy behavior, personality, intelligence, speech and so on.


Hepatic encephalopathy or  Hepatic Coma is a complex of a central nervous system disorders that were found suffering from liver failure. The disorder is characterized by memory impairment and personality changes.
Hepatic encephalopathy (portal system encephalopathy, hepatic coma) is a disorder in which brain function decline due to toxic substances in the blood, which would normally be discarded by the liver.


 Yesterday, Steve Jobs, founder Apple inc, was died. who had killed him? he was killed by cancer. what kind of this cancer?. It's called Pancreatic Carcinoma. Today, Mbah Dukun Bagong, modern shaman from medical and health information will explain about this cancer.

Pancoast Tumor

Pancoast tumors are primary tumors in the lung apex position in one lung, left or right. Known also as a superior sulcus lung tumors, found by Henry Pancoast, a radiologist, in 1932.
Pancoast tumor originating from the upper limit of the lung. The tumor will form an abnormal tissue in the lung apex, which will be more apparent invade the chest wall and surrounding structures, as compared with the structure of the lung itself.


 Everybody knows what the name of eye abnormalitiy is. yes it's called Strabismus or "Juling" in Indonesian name. Today Mbah Dukun Bagong, modern shaman from Medical and Health Information will share knowledge about ophtalmology. anything about strabismus, from causes, how it can happen until how to treat and prevent, will be explored here.

Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma Therapy

Hello Mbah Dukun Bagong, modern shaman comes again. today mbah dukun will explains about how to therapy the cancer of nasopharyngeal, following last post. There are 2 therapies for this disease. what are they? okey check it out
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