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Chronic Supurative Otitis Media (CSOM)

3 days ago Mbah Dukun posted about Ear disease, Acute Otitis Media. Today, Mbah Dukun posts about complication of Acute Otitis Media. Yes from the title all of you know what Mbah Dukun means, Chronic Supurative Otitis Media. Is it dangerous? find the answer below.


Today Mbah Dukun share information about kind of ear disease. what is that, mbah? it's called ACUTE OTITIS MEDIA. maybe you've never heard about this disease, but you might have it before. Okey mbah dukun start to explain. Just click options below

Laryngeal Papilloma

Inul Daratista, dangdut singer, came to Mbah Dukun,s house. She complained to mbah dukun about her voice. use laryngoscope direct methode, mbah dukun found something in Inul's laryng. what is that? it called Laryngeal Papilloma. Do you wanna know about Laryngeal Papilloma? just click options below.

1. Definition
2. Etiology
3. Histopatology
4. Clinical manifestations
5. Diagnose
6. Therapy and treatment (management)
7. Complications

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