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Haemophilia part 2 (Diagnostic and therapy)


 Until now the family history is still the best way to do the first riddle of the cases of haemophilia, although there are 20-30% of cases of haemophilia, found X chromosome due to spontaneous mutation in the gene encoding F VIII / F IX. A boy - he allegedly suffered from haemophilia, if there is a history of recurrent bleeding (hemartrosis, hematoma) or a history of bleeding after trauma or stretching certain actions with or without family history.

Hemophilia part 1

Patient asks to Mbah Dukun Bagong: Mbah, i had a friend, he was died 2 months ago, he got bleeding after circumcised, is circumcised dangerous?
Mbah Dukun Bagong answers: "mmmm i see, circumcised is not dangerous, its "sunnah" God commanded Abraham to circumcise his son, Ishmael. However, there is condition, which person can't be able to circumcised, its called HEMOPHILLIA

Myasthenia Gravis


When Mbah Dukun surving on internet, he gets message from Nilla Gustian. Nilla wants information about Myasthenia Gravis.

What is Myasthenia Gravis?
Myasthenia Gravis (MG) is a chronic, autoimmune disease that causes muscle weakness and excessive muscle fatigue. The name comes from Greek and Latin words meaning "grave muscle weakness." But most cases of MG are not as "grave" as the name implies.

The disease can vary in severity and distribution of weakness between individuals, and in any one patient the symptoms fluctuate with relapses and remissions. MG can resolve spontaneously, but for most patients MG persists for life. It can be life threatening, but 90% of patients become symptom-free with modern treatments.
MG produces progressive weakness and fatigue and sporadic abnormal in skeletal muscles, which get worse after exercise and repetition of movement, but can be corrected with drugs antikholineterase.
Usually, this disorder that attacks the muscles controlled by cranial nerves (face, lips, tongue, neck, and throat) but can also attack other muscles.
MG followed the explosion of anger and periodic remissions that can not be predicted. Treatment was not known, but drug therapy can improve symptoms and allow patients to live relatively normal, except during the outburst occurred.
When the disease involves the respiratory system, it can endanger lives.



Patient asks to Mbah Dukun : "Mbah, what are complications of NS?"

Mbah Dukun Bagong answers:

1. Nitrogen balance.

Massive proteinuria in the NS will cause a negative nitrogen balance. Decreased muscle mass is found but these symptoms are often found covered with new symptoms and edema anasarka looked after the edema disappeared. Loss of muscle mass by 10-20% of body mass (lean body mass) are not rare in NS.

Nephrotic syndrome Part 1


Patient asks to Mbah Dukun: "Mbah, would you explain about Nephrotic Syndrome?"
Mbah Dukun Bagong answers: " Sure, ok read the text below"

Nephrotic syndrome (NS) is one of the clinical manifestations of glomerulonephritis (GN) are marked with anasarka edema, massive proteinuria ≥ 3.5 g / dl, hypercholesterolemia and lipiduria. At the beginning of the process or the mild NS stage, to make the diagnosis, not all symptoms must be found. Massive proteinuria is a typical sign of NS, but in severe NS accompanied low serum albumin concentration, excretion of protein in urine was also reduced. Proteinuria also contributes to various complications that occur in the NS. Not only Proteinuria,hypoalbuminemia, hiperlipidemia and lipiduria also found in NS. Nitrogen balance diorders, hypercoaguloability, disturbances of calcium and bone metabolism, and thyroid hormones are often found in NS. Generally, NS with normal renal function can heal itself and showed a good response to steroid therapy. However, for some cases develop into end stage renal disease or develop inti chronic.

Theraphy HIV AIDS

Patient ask to Mbah Dukun: “Mbah! I have heard many people talk about AIDS, what is it?”
Mbah Dukun Bagong answers:

Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) is a collection of symptoms of disease or abbreviation for acquired imune deficiency syndrome caused by Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV).
HIV virus can be found in body fluids, especially in blood, semen, vaginal fluids, breast milk. The virus destroys the human immune system and may decrease or loss endurance, so easily affected by infectious diseases.



Patient ask to Mbah Dukun : "Mbah! what is the meaning of Shock?
Mbah Dukun Bagong answers :

Shock is a clinical syndrome resulting from hemodynamic and metabolic disorder characterized by circulatory failure to maintain adequate perfusion to the organs - the vital organs of the body. Adequate tissue perfusion depends on three main factors, namely cardiac output, blood volume, and peripheral vasomotor tone. If one of these three determinants is chaotic and other factors can not compensate, there will be a shock. Originally arterial blood pressure may be normal to compensate for increased cardiac output .


Fever is the body temperature rise above the normal circadian variation due to changes in the thermoregulation center located in the anterior hypothalamus. Normal body temperature can be maintained when there are changes in environmental temperature, because of the ability of the thermoregulation center for megatur balance between heat produced by the network, particularly by muscle and liver, with heat loss. In the state of fever, the balance shifts to an increase in body temperature. 
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