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Mbah Dukun listen the music, oldies song, do you know Michael Jackson? King of Pop? Yeah he was famous singer, everybody know who he is. He was a Afro American, however his skin changes to be white? How could it be happened? The anwer is…..

Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria syndrome

Mbah Dukun watched Bollywood movie, “PAA”. Story of Auro ( Amitabh Bachchan ), a 12 years old boy who because of genetic abnormalities called progeria have sightings like people aged 60 years. So what is Progeria?

Serology Diagnostic for Syphilis

Diagnosis of Syphilis
Diagnosis of syphilis is based on history, physical examination, and laboratory investigation. It is essential that the stage of syphilis be accurately assessed and documented in order to ensure appropriate management of cases and contacts.


oh my God, whats a matter with this picture? there is something on gland? yes that is wound, like ulcus. Mbah Dukun will explain what that is. it's called syphillis
 1. Definition
2. Etiology
3. Symptoms
4. Therapy and Treatment
5. Mbah dukun's advices 

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