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Therapy of Polio

      The management of poliomyelitis Treatment in patients with polio is not specific. Treatment aims to relieve symptoms and supportive treatment to improve the stamina of the patient. Physiotherapy services need to be given to minimize the paralysis and make sure to avoid muscle atrophy. Orthopedic treatments available for those who experience persistent paralysis. The most effective disease control is prevention through vaccination and surveillance of AI P. Do rehabilitation patients to rest and put to bed, allowing the affected limb to be really comfortable. If exposed to the respiratory organs, respiratory physical therapy may be needed. If paralysis or weakness since the respiratory intensive care is required. There is no effective antiviral drugs for poliovirus, so the main therapy is to reduce complaints (supportive). Analgetic given for headache complaints. The use of ventilators in patients with respiratory muscle impairment, and an expected long-standing use of the ventilator will be performed tracheotomy. Rehabilitation therapy in patients with muscle paralysis and the wounds caused by pressure (decubitus). Giving a laxative is needed because of the lack of mobilization so that digestion will be impaired and also the provision of software and high-fiber diit. Surgical therapy in the form of merging the hip joint is required in patients with side effects of the shape or thinning disorder of the hip joint.

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