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How to Prevent Polio

Prevention Efforts
 There are some preventive measures this spread of polio, which are:

1. Polio eradication
 World Health Assembly in 1988 which was followed by most countries around the world made an agreement to conduct Polio Eradication (ERAPO) in 2000, meaning that a polio-free world in 2000. ERAPO the first program is to do with the overall immunization coverage.
Polio immunization should be given in accordance with WHO recommendations are given at birth, 4 times at intervals of 6-8 weeks. Then repeated at the age of 1.5 years; 5tahun, and the age of 15 years. Repeated immunization efforts this would not have a negative impact. In fact it is the only program in an efficient and effective in the prevention of polio.

2. Survailance acute flaccid paralysis
 Is looking for people with suspected paralytic paralyzed at age below 15 years. They should be checked to ascertain whether the stool because of polio or not. Suspected cases of polio infection should be thoroughly checked in the laboratory because it could have happened not because of paralysis of polio.

3. Mopping Up
  This means That measures the mass vaccination of children aged under 5 years in the discovery of polio without polio Immunization previous status. It seems that in the era of globalization where the mobility of people Between countries is very high and rapid, Difficulties Arise in controlling the spread of this virus. In Addition to the prevention of polio vaccination course should be accompanied by an increase of in environmental sanitation and personal sanitation. The use of family latrines, clean water meets health requirements That, and maintain food hygiene is an effort to Prevent and Reduced the risk of transmission of polio virus That is alarming again. Being one of the world's concern That the disability Caused by polio persist can not be cured. Healing can do very little alias no cure for polio. However, the actual parents should not panic if the baby and his son had obtained a complete polio vaccination.

Polio vaccine
There are two kinds of polio vaccine, oral polio vaccine were found Albert Sabin and the polio vaccine developed by Jonas Salk is disabled, which is as follows
a. Oral polio vaccine
→ Cast into the mouth. Contains live polio virus that had been weakened ..
Polio Oral Vaccine

b. Inactivated polio vaccine
→ administration by injection. Contains a killed polio virus. Virus polio (poliomyelitis) is highly contagious and incurable. This virus attacks the entire body (including muscles and nervous system) and can cause permanent muscle weakness and total paralysis in a matter of hours. Even sekitar10-15 percent of those affected eventually died of polio that attacked the respiratory muscles. Until now has not found a way of treatment of poliomyelitis. The most effective way of prevention is immunization.
Polio Injection Vaccine

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  1. oohh o.O
    mbah, how about the injection which I had when I was in the elementary school class? I mean, is it a kind of preventioning the polio virus? because as I remember, the injection not only had given once, but maybe for two or three times ..." and when I was a baby of course I don't know whether I had given Polio vaccine or not-I should ask my parents :D

    1. i think you got DPT vaccine, not polio vaccine, when u were in elementary school. Ente dulu SD-nya mana jeng? di Tulungagung?

    2. Penykait dan Virus Volio memang harus dicegah .


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